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SUP Race Paddle Overview


A high aspect race machine. This blade has a long narrow profile that gives incredible power delivery with some flex to reduce fatigue. This lightweight blade is the weapon of choice for serious racers and is race proven. This blade is available only in pre-preg carbon for the lightest and strongest possible paddle.

Key Features

  • 12k carbon construction
  • The perfect blend of weight and flex
  • Available in 520 and 580cm2 blade sizes to match your strength and paddling style
  • Clean entry, stable and powerful during the stroke
  • 12 degree blade to shaft angle
  • ABS rails to provide durability
  • Designed for racing – not recommended for surfing
  • Carbon oval or round shaft available

Additional Features

Shaft Type

Carbon Oval Filament

Carbon Round Filament




520cm, 580cm

Product Video

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