Glen Pearson
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Glen Pearson

Glen is a SUP athlete based in Tofino, BC. He spends his time teaching SUP and surfing SUP and basically living a life we all aspire to! His love for SUP and protecting the local wildlife drives his passion for teaching and educating on ways to live and SUP responsibly.

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Glen Pearson


DOB: 24 December

Home: Tofino

Discipline: SUP surfing, SUP teaching

Paddle: Andaman

His true love for the sport came after trying the SUP in the surf. Being an avid kayaker at the time, Glen saw stand-up paddling as a great gateway into the surf. The best of both worlds; paddle in hand while still surfing a board, using the paddle to add leverage and reach for turning on a wave. At the time, Glen was living in Victoria and found that South Vancouver Island Wave conditions can be finicky, the SUP has always allowed him to maximize time spent riding waves, translating to quicker learning and faster progression.

Surfing a SUP would become Glen’s specialty but he still loves to tour with gear loaded on board for multi-day trips. He’s been a SUP instructor for 3 years now, teaching for T’ashii Paddle School in Tofino, BC.

For achievements, Glen has competed for the last 3 years in SUP surfing events down the West Coast of North America and placed on the podium for many of them. Although not a racer, Glen has completed the Yukon River Quest in 2016, finishing in just under 70 hours. He found the race grueling and unforgiving but also his most cherished endurance experience in the wild. In 2013, Glen paddled the full length of the commercial Grand Canyon Run, paddling through every section of whitewater.

Glen was introduced to Blackfish Paddles through the film “Wild Coast”. Glen had the opportunity to use Blackfish Paddles on the project and just like that, the relationship was formed. Working with Blackfish has been a treat for Glen, he finds that the company focuses and hones in on just a few great designs, backed by quality customer service and solid warranty, now leading the trend by not providing plastic packaging. Ultimately, Blackfish and Glen’s goals align for leaving as little of a trace as possible on this beautiful world.

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