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Blackfish Paddles welcomes Vaïc Garioud to their Team

June 06, 2022

By Anna Nadolna

16-year old Vaïc Garioud from New Caldonia joins Blackfish Team Riders

Vaïc Garioud hails from New Caledonia and if his name sounds familiar that is because of his older brother Noïc Garioud. Vaïc is a very talented paddler, surfer, foiler and a true lover of all things water. Like Emily Evans who has just joined Blackfish Team, he has been using our paddles for a while but it is now time for us to support him as a young athlete and help him on his athletic journey,” said David Smart, Founder of Blackfish Paddles, a high-performance SUP paddle brand based in British Columbia, Canada. “Vaïc has a high level of energy and passion for all things water related, which makes him a perfect match for our team. We look forward to seeing what he can achieve and being taken along for the ride!”

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