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Blackfish SM236 Fin

Tracking and looseness

Blackfish SM236 Fin

The Blackfish SM236 fin has been designed in collaboration with Sam McCullough to be fast and fun downwind. It provides just enough tracking with just enough looseness to make riders enjoy their sessions as they connect the bumps – Just as effortlessly as Sam does!

“My involvement with my fin design started off with an email from David regarding me designing a fin for my race boards. I had two fins that I swore by and have always used while racing and training. I knew how they could be improved with a few tweaks. I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to design a perfect do it all fin. I got to the drawing boards and drew up countless designs until I found this one. I’ve been testing this fin for nearly a year now and it does everything you would want out of an all-round racing SUP fin.” -Sam McCullough

Key Features

  • Comes in a durable protective carry pouch with a quick release screw.
  • No plastic and no bubble wrap is involved in the shipping process!

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