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Value & Performance

The ideal blade shape for surfing, doing yoga or just paddling across the local lake. This blade is our best selling classic teardrop shape. The dihedral allows for clean water entry, a stable catch phase and a clean exit. This blade is both light and durable and is available in UD Carbon, our unique Fishskin technology and Surf Kevlar.

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Innovation to move you

A surprisingly quick and solid paddle with square shoulders for added power during the catch phase. The blade shape is a hybrid between the tear drop and high aspect designs. In designing this blade we tried to capture the benefits of both designs and build a blade that is both lightweight and durable. This paddle loves long training days, racing, downwinding and touring. This blade is available in full carbon, and 1, 2 or 3 piece options.

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Smaller blade size that punches above its weight

The Salish was originally designed for smaller paddlers, and it's still great for those people, but it's also been incredibly popular with all paddlers who want a blade that can give higher cadence and less fatigue. Longer distance paddles, training paddles - this is a blade that can take you further.

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Designed to Perform

The Viento is our lightest and highest performance paddle. Designed and tested with significant feedback from our world class athlete Lincoln Dews, the Viento is designed to perform when racing at the highest level. The all carbon blade features a unique twin "power pocket" on the blade face which gives the paddle a solid catch and excellent stability during the power phase while maintaining a clean release. Take your paddling to the next level with the Viento 520. This blade is only available in carbon with a fixed length carbon shaft.

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