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The Viento is our lightest and highest performance paddle. Designed and tested with significant feedback from our world class athlete Lincoln Dews, the Viento is designed to perform when racing at the highest level. The all carbon blade features a unique twin "power pocket" on the blade face which gives the paddle a solid catch and excellent stability during the power phase while maintaining a clean release. Take your paddling to the next level with the Viento 520. This blade is only available in carbon with a fixed length carbon shaft.

Key Features

  • One of the lightest paddles on the planet
  • Available only in 520cm2 blade size
  • 100% pure hand laid 3k twill and unidirectional carbon
  • 10 degree blade to shaft angle
  • ABS rails to provide durability
  • Blade, shaft and handle are all fabricated using Bio-Resin
  • Always shipped in a paddle sock with no bubble wrap
  • Not recommended for SUP surfing

Additional Features

Shaft Type

Carbon Filament





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